Czech Association for Landscape Water Management

Project: Technology Platform on Sustainable Water Resources

Basic Information on the National Association for Water in Landscape, Czech Republic

Motivation for founding:
Unsatisfactory state of research and innovation activities in water management sector of the Czech Rapublic -the lack of the cooperation amongst the R&D institutions,the absence of the exploitation of past research results,the absence of the analysis and synthesis of R&D achievements, fragmentation, inconsistency, ignorance of the results achieved by other workplaces both in the Czech Rapublic and abroad (state of the art,minimal links with European and global research etc). and also missing political perception of the water safety issue.

Problem sets:

  • Management of water and soil in landscape in view of the climatic change(particularly floods and droughts) and the agricultural and alternative exploitation of landscape
  • Reuse and recycling of water (technology,standards-system approach to water losses prevention,energy and resources in industrial production and waste water infrastructure)
  • Water treatment and waste water processing including the recovery of resources (water use is coupled with a significant energy consume,reappraisal of the water use by industry)
  • Decision and monitoring support systems (interconnection of databases, supercomputer)
  • Smart technologies

Main activities:

  • Initiation and coordination of research and innovation projects mainly in water,soil,landscape,irrigation agriculture,sector economics, bioeconomics, industrial water use,industrial production of water technologies and environmental services
  • networking – constituting and coordinating intersector and international consortia
  • teaming
  • propagation of excelence

Side activities:

  • organization of conferences,workshops,lectures and seminars
  • organization of courses and training programmes
  • consultancy and information activities
  • mentoring

Fundamentals-strategic studies:

Strategic documents, elaborated within the framework of the project Technology Platform for Sustainable Water Resources (TP UVZ):

  • The Strategic Research Agenda TP UVZ
  • The Implemetation Action Plan TP UVZ

Strategic documents EU:

  • The Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Waters
  • The Strategic Implementation Plan EU - European Innovation Partnership Water
  • The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Joint Programming Initiative “Water challenges for a changing world” (Water JPI)

TP UVZ - members,board,supervisory committee

19 subjects from business
2 state enterprises
4 universities
3 higher technical schools
4 research institutions:
1 cluster: Hydro&Energy
4 others:

  2. The Institute of Public Health Ústí n L.
  3. The Czech World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  4. The Czech Committee for ICID (International Commission on Irrrigation and Drainage)