Workshop 5. 5. 2014  Current Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Water Research


The workshop will be moderated by Mr. Jan Čermák, Senior Expert of the Czech Technology Platform on Sustainable Water Resources ... | více





PDF   Robert Schröder (Policy Officer, Protection of Water Resources, DG Environment, European Commission): European water policy; the role of EIP Water, Brussels, May 5, 2014

PDF   Jan Pokorný (Director, ENKI Třeboň): Effects of deforestation and drainage on water regime and local climate – case studies from the Czech Republic and East Africa, Brussels, May 5, 2014

PDF   ACQUEAU Corporate, Brussels, May 5, 2014

PDF    Michaela Vlková, Mission of CZELO in Brussels, Current Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Water Research, Brussels, May 5, 2014

PDF    Jan Čermák, Participation of CEE member states in the EU activities in water sector: current status and future expectations, Brussels, May 2014

PDF    Milada Šťastná,  Impact of European/international projects on future research career – hands on experience. Brussels, May 2014

PDF    Evžen Amler, Nanobiosensors for the Detection of Specific Hazardeous Contaminants in Waters, Brussels, May 2014

PDF    Petr Kohout, Czech Approach to Mitigate Environmental burdens – history and progress The Examples of International Cooperation in Management of Groundwater at Industrially Contaminated Areas, Brussels, May 2014

PDF    Martin Neruda, Regional and International Activities of the Faculty of Environment, University J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, Brussels, May 2014